Welcome to this design and illustration blog from print & pattern designer Hannah Rampley. My work is inspired by nature - fruits, vegetables and other natural forms that I make into intricate pretty patterns. I then hand screen print all of my fabrics in bright, unexpected colour ways. I am currently working on a new product line which will be released soon and continue creating commissions for clients. Here I post mood boards, news and lovely links from around the web!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

South Woodford Zizzi Mural

I spent last week staying in Epping forest near South Woodford painting a mural for Zizzi. This was the sixth mural I have designed and painted for Zizzi and was probably the largest surface area I have covered. It was pretty fitting that I was staying in the forest as that was the theme for this mural- the legend of the white stag, and the royal history of the area. This mural ended up a lot more traditional looking than I intended; it's always really interesting to see how your work changes in both large scale and when replicated again freehand, but I am pleased with how it integrated with the space. 

So there you are! The last image was taken by Zizzi so you can see a good overview and how it looks in the restaurant!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Feature in the Scotsman Spectrum on Sunday

Hello! Last week was a bit crazy for me- I spent 6 long days (and nights) painting a wall mural for Zizzi in South Woodford. It was lots of fun though, and I was staying in Epping Forest which just happened to be the theme for my painting too which was quite fitting. I'll share photos of my forest inspired mural soon. Onto more news, a few weekends ago I had a little Q&A in the Scotsman Spectrum magazine. I had a hilarious and super fun photoshoot for this piece and at one point I had to lie over all my fabrics. I'm very glad they chose this photo!

Photos of my mural and a beautiful hen weekend in the countryside to come soon!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

New website in progress

Hello! We have finally hit summer and I'm so pleased the sun has been shining, the sandals have been out and the tights well and truly put away for a few months (I hope)! I have a few updates to share including one thing that is taking up an awful lot of my time at the moment- a brand new shiny website! I am moving website server and also updating my look with fresh branding and layout with lots of new projects to share with you too. Hopefully my new website will be launched next week but I will be sure to do a blog post about it. In other news, Mollie Makes issue 55 is out in the shops and has 8 of my patterned papers on the inside. Two are colour-in pages and the other six can be pulled out and stuck on your wall or used as wrap or card making papers. 

I love this photo of one of my colour-in sheets from the Mollie Makes Instagram here

A selection of designs form Mollie Makes issue 55

I am also currently designing a couple of Zizzi murals which are taking up much of my time, but are so fun to work on. Keep an eye on my instagram/twitter accounts to see updates as I paint these in the restaurants (one beginning next week). My new camera arrived in the post yesterday and I am so excited to play around with it and hopefully in the next few months I will have some lovely photos to share with you on here- hopefully some of Scotland and our adventures in Edinburgh and shots of my new studio too!